Construction Management Services


Persistence and Determination

At ICON, our approach is built on the understanding that combined team efforts focused on milestone, cost and quality control create continuity through the initial design into actual construction. We will engage the entire Project Team (owners, architects, engineers, consultants, etc.) in understanding the specific project requirements and goals. We will then develop a strategy to accomplish these goals.

This approach allows us to provide a clear and consistent source of the project’s requirements while ensuring that the design, budget and schedule are incorporated into decisions from concept through close-out.



Project Construction Schedule & Budget

During construction, ICON evaluates the project schedule on a continuous basis. We revise and refine the approved project budget to incorporate changes as they occur and provide options for any revisions under consideration. ICON will maintain completed and detailed cost accounting records, implement the procedures for reviewing and processing of progress and final payments developed with the owner, and prepare cash flow reports and forecasts, as required. Changes to the project are controlled using a change order system which includes the review and acceptance of such items by all participants.

Quality Control

The ICON quality management program begins early in the pre-construction phase and continues through the end of the project. It addresses the following activities:

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