Our Scope of General Contracting services are largely the same as our Construction Management services and our responsibilities in assuring a successful project remain the same. As General Contractor, our responsibility is to provide business administration and management services to the owner and its consultants.

These services include, but are not limited to, project schedules, detailed construction cost breakdowns, contract document coordination, general construction coordination, and related services to coordinate the work of the contractors and subcontractors with that of the owner, architect and other consultants. This coordinated effort will produce a completed project in accordance with the owner’s cost objectives, schedule and quality requirements.

The major difference is that when acting as the Construction Manager, we are paid a fee based on a percentage of the cost of the work. As the General Contractor, we provide a “lump-sum” price for the entirety of the project based on a complete set of construction documents. For the most part, this choice would be made by the client based on the pre-construction services required as well as the status of the construction document production.

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